↠ Starfire Þ Jennifer Lynn Alvarez - Starfire, Starfire Fans of the Warriors Survivors and Guardians of Ga Hoole series will love this first book in an action packed tween fantasy series about winged horses from debut author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez The Gua|↠ Starfire Þ Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, Starfire, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, Starfire Fans of the Warriors Survivors and Guardians of Ga Hoole series will love this first book in an action packed tween fantasy series about winged horses from debut author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez The Guardian Herd Starfire tells the thrilling story of a young foal Star who controls the fate of the land of Anok and the five pegasi herds that live there Once every hundred yFans of the Warrio

  • Title: Starfire
  • Author: Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
  • ISBN: 9780062286062
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Starfire Þ Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, Starfire, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, Starfire Fans of the Warriors Survivors and Guardians of Ga Hoole series will love this first book in an action packed tween fantasy series about winged horses from debut author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez The Guardian Herd Starfire tells the thrilling story of a young foal Star who controls the fate of the land of Anok and the five pegasi herds that live there Once every hundred yFans of the Warrio ↠ Starfire Þ Jennifer Lynn Alvarez - Starfire, Starfire Fans of the Warriors Survivors and Guardians of Ga Hoole series will love this first book in an action packed tween fantasy series about winged horses from debut author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez The Gua

↠ Starfire Þ Jennifer Lynn Alvarez - Starfire, Starfire Fans of the Warriors Survivors and Guardians of Ga Hoole series will love this first book in an action packed tween fantasy series about winged horses from debut author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez The Gua

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  • ↠ Starfire Þ Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
    225 Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

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  • Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

    Author of RIDERS OF THE REALM, THE GUARDIAN HERD, and THE PET WASHER series I draw on my lifelong love of animals when writing my books Praise for The Guardian Herd Series Chock full of adventure and twists, making it difficult to put down School Library Journal Filled with fantastical action, and rich with description A well paced and engrossing story Alvarez has created a series that will be beloved by readers Voice of Youth Advocates VOYA Alvarez s world is lush with description and atmosphere, and her premise has much to offer Publishers Weekly The clever resolution will get kids psyched for tales from the Guardian Herd Booklist This epic adventure is richly developed Compelling Kirkus Reviews From page one, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez weaves an epic tale of a doomed black Pegasus foal named Star, whose race against time will lift the reader on the wings of destiny and danger, magic and hope It s a world I did not want to leave, and neither will you Peter Lerangis, New York Times bestselling author in the 39 Clues series and of the Seven Wonders series

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  • This book is not a happy one It may be marketed for middle schoolers 8 and up but, seriously, I have to say the subject matter is VERY controversial You might be thinking, Oh, Pegasus That s so friendly and for kids Hate to say it, but children s books usually are some of the most morbid shit you will come across.If you are familiar with the Warriors by Erin Hunter you will notice right away that the way the character s are named are practically identical In fact, I am wondering if this could be [...]

  • Well, sadly I had hoped to like this book better, but I just didn t connect with the characters and found it simaler to other animal fantasy books I have read On the back it says, Perfect for fans of The Gardians of Ga Hoole, Warriors, and Surviors Being a Warriors fan, I wish I had enjoyed it Also, I love fantasy books but some things didn t make sense Overall I didn t enjoy this book as much as I had hoped

  • Reading this made my inner child who often escapes and runs amok as an outer child, but that s an issue to deal with another day gleefully, squealingly happy About the only thing that would ve made the whole thing even better would ve been the presence of unicorns But that s just my horse obsessed inner child speaking.The story revolves around a very familiar theme, that of loneliness and not belonging and wondering if everyone would be better off if you just ran away Believe me, as a teenager, [...]

  • So, this is a pretty violent book for an elementary level reader Like, we re talking full on implied rape to be fair, I probably only picked up on this because I m older than the target demo But it s still implied , genocide, fairly graphic describing the sound of a spinal cord being broken, the rush of blood after a killing blow, etc fighting, and the entire premise is based on the idea of a horse dying violently before it s first birthday It s also pretty full of tropes that are kind of toxic [...]

  • I honestly don t know what to rate Starfire It was beautiful, it was ugly It was heartbreaking, it was triumphant I loved it, I hated it The book just made me emotional I don t know if it was my mood, or if it reminded me of growing up different , something altogether different, or a mix of all three, but it hit me in the feels and I ve been left reeling I need to let the story sink in for an accurate rating.

  • I loved this book at first, I thought it would int be good but then I started to read it And finished it in a day Fellow Reader,If your looking for an book you can never put down READ THIS ps Read with caution, once its over you have to wait for the 2nd to come out ITS KILLING ME

  • What a fantastic book I won an ARC copy of The Guardian Herd in a contest Although it targets a middle grade audience, I was soon transported into a land of fantasy I won t soon forget If your child or you are a fan of the Warrior or Guardian of Ga Hoole series you will LOVE this new series It s about herds of flying horses or Pegasi A black foal named Star is born disfigured, with wings too big they keep him from being able to fly The five herds soon realize Star is believed to be the black foa [...]

  • Overall, an OK book It struck me as violent, but that is one of the themes of the book overcoming a natural tendency to violence I read it because my 9yo wanted it and I thought I d read it firstI m glad I did, because there are a few items I ll discuss with her as she reads it Though the characters are all pegasi, they are very human in many ways, and this book could be an opportunity for discussion about bullying, growing up, war and fighting, and even group dynamics.I was hooked, and the writ [...]

  • I m going to start off by explaining that I am 28, so that may weigh my opinion a bit I don t think it s a huge deal since I was reading adult fantasy when I was 12 I don t imagine I would have had any problems enjoying this series then, and I don t know.The biggest problem with this novel is that it feels less like a novel and like a character introduction It feels like the entire novel is spent getting to know who Star is so that by the end of it we re ready to start involving some fleshed o [...]

  • I did not like this book at all until the end Alvarez has a great message wrapped into this book, for which I applaud her view spoiler After all the horrible things that happened to Star, he totally had the right to become the Destroyer But he chose to become the Healer, based on what his mother said to him Don t fight them Heal them Star recognized that the herds were divided, and craved violence and dominating power He felt them abuse him, verbally and physically yet still became the Healer, f [...]

  • Star is the black foal a black pegasi that is born once every 100 years On the black foals first birthday at midnight , the Hundred Year Star gives its power to the black foal of the century With this power, the black foal can become either the Destroyer or the Healer of the herds Either way, the foal will become powerful than any pegasi in Anok Thunderwing and most of Sun Herd thinks that Star will become the Destroyer, if he lives Star doesn t blame them he isn t so sure himself Thunderwing, [...]

  • I love animal fantasy it s my favorite style , but I m skeptical since I ve found fewer and fewer good books falling into this category First, I was drawn in by the cover and I decided to read the first 20 pages No sample has ever gripped me this tight yet Every century, a black pegasus was born and on his first birthday, the Hundred Year Star would cast its fire down onto him making him the most powerful pegasus alive thus turning him into the Destroyer or the Healer With immense power, he coul [...]

  • I have to thank the awesome Janicu for sending me an ARC of this book Yay You can check her book review blog here specficromantic which is also awesome.I m sure you guys all know by now but I LOVE horses and all thing equine, which extends to the mythological side too So when there was a book coming out about pegasi is that the right plural I just had to read it Starfire is a fantastic book I really didn t have much expectation for it and was a bit worried when we were just thrown into the actio [...]

  • More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Review from my 11 year old Starfire is an interesting story that keeps a reader engaged through the entire story However, some rather graphic violence throughout was a bit too much and could have been handled better by the author as done in the Warrior Cats series, for example so as not to pull out of the fantasy setting As well, an unusual ending having to do with the villain was a welcome change from most books of this type of series [...]

  • I won this book in a giveaway.This is a children s middle grade story about a black foal named Star, who was destined to be either a destroyer or a healer He would find out by his first birthdate Some of the Pegasi in his own herd as well as other herds were afraid to wait to see which one he d be and were intent on executing him This is an action packed story with really good plot development There were a lot of cutesy names for each Pegasus Echofrost, Grasswing, Twistfire etc It did get somewh [...]

  • Recommended for older fans of the Warriors series Far bloodier and violent than Warriors, the death count is much higher Far fantastical that Warriors, the pegasi described are beautiful which was the most enjoyable aspect for me The main characters are likeable and engaging, but I remain unconvinced as to whether I will read further in the series Some of the descriptions of violence seemed to be too far and unnecessary for me with fire melting flesh and feathers from bones and spilling guts a [...]

  • Another recommendation from my son I had hoped it would would rival Gregor the Overlander or Percy Jackson not even close This book is geared toward younger readers Keeping that in mind, it is written for a younger reader, but the sentences are choppy, and paragraphs jump from one thought to another very quickly with little to no transitions There are too many characters all pegasi that have compound names It was at least halfway through the book before I could keep track of at least the 5 main [...]

  • Alvarez transforms the classic archetype of the hero s journey into the story of Star, the black foal who is destined to be either a healer or a destroyer if he survives his first year and receives the power of the Hundred Year Star Alvarez populates her fantastical world of good and evil with five pegasi colonies battling for power and peace.A very engaging story for older children and children at heart.I m excited to read the next book in this new series

  • I ve read and thoroughly enjoyed middle grade books before but unfortunately this book just never really grabbed my attention.There s plenty here for people to like from the pegasus to the legend and many horse lovers will enjoy this book I wish I had to say but this book really just wasn t that interesting for me.

  • It is good but I still prefer the Warriors series This series is for young kids like 3rd 4th grade I really like the plot though and if you liked this you should read the Warriors series It was dull at some times, and other times it was pretty exciting I really like these kind of books and if you love animals I m sure you would to.

  • I really liked that he had a lot of action and fighting The ending was really good and was very surprising I can t wait till the next book comes out Aidan Mullins 6th grade

  • The book was special in its own way It was a little violent, but overall it s a book everyone should read I am a big fan of the author anyway And she did a especially great job on this one

  • Jennifer Alvarez s novel, The Guardian Herd Starfire is a story about a black foal named Star who is known to either unite or destroy the five herds of flying horses that live in Anok With that capability he is destined to be the most powerful Pegasus in all the land Even with all that power, Star has malformed wings which makes him unable to fly, but the leaders of each herd take no risk and want to execute him before his first birthday With Morningleaf, Bumblewind, and Echofrost some of Star s [...]

  • My daughter read this and loved it, so of course I had to try it, and a pegasus on the front cover was a guaranteed read me, even though I had doubts about the quality.It took me a while to get into this world even though I love talking animal stories and have often lamented the lack of talking horses C.S Lewis The Horse and His Boy being one of my all time favorites Star and his herd of winged horses didn t have the personality of Bree and Hwin, and at first I was put off by how the different p [...]

  • Well, that was disappointing I was really looking forward to this book I love horses and fantasy, so I try to get my hands on anything that combines the two Pegasi are rarely featured in fantasy, with the exception of Pegasus himself So I was excited about the possibilities of a fantasy where winged horses are the main characters Part of the reason why this book was a fail to me was because I read it just after finishing the far superior The Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce Like this s [...]

  • I m not sure who this book is written for The language and style seems like it is for children but it s incredibly violent I was planning to read this to my kids so I read it first to check it out Not really sure when I would let them read it Story is fine I guess I have a slight issue with the pegasi calling themselves steeds That means they are horses for riding

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